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Client Testimonials

"Dewey Marine Leasing made it very easy to obtain the equipment we needed and the pricing was very cost effective for our project. We will hire Dewey Marine Leasing again when need be, thank you."

Michael Cirrone - Rochester, NY

"The equipment worked flawlessly and we never encountered 1 problem. Thank you for being there!"

Daniel Fiorine - Charlotte, NY

Welcome to Dewey Marine Leasing

Founded in 2011, we are located in beautiful Upstate New York operating primarily out of Rochester, NY. We offer simple access to rent quality excavators, tugboats, bobcats and more. Let us make equipment rental for your next project easy!

Marine Construction


For short term projects, renting can be very cost effective. You get all the advantages of the machinery without the costly expense of ownership.

The big advantage of leasing heavy equipment is that it will allow you to get started on your project with not a tremendous amount of money up front initially. Otherwise you will need to purchase this highly priced equipment. Because equipment leases rarely require a huge down payment, you can obtain the machinery you need without significantly affecting your cash flow. This works exceptionally well in budget restricted situations.

Leasing the needed machinery is also a great way to utilize the latest technology and guard against your purchased equipment becoming obsolete. It also saves on huge repair and upkeep costs as well.

Another financial benefit of leasing equipment is that your lease payments can be deducted as business expenses which reduces the net cost of your lease.

Terms for our equipment are always negotiable in price and time frame. Our leases also offer low monthly payments that can be converted to fair market purchases at any time.


Review our equipment and details about the equipment here online. Please contact us via telephone or email to inquire about any of our leasing details, availability or anything else...

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